Sharing the travel bug

The incredible number of available packages meant we had to design a simple and efficient user experience. #wordpress #travel
#tourism #CMS

We led the complete revamp of TravelBrands’ Exotik Tours, Carte Postale Tours and Boomerang Tours websites. Founded in Quebec 35 years ago, each of these three companies covers a specific territory and offers packages designed by experienced travel enthusiasts.

Built on a WordPress platform, these custom 3-in-1 sites have hundreds of product pages with two main objectives:

> B2B: Provide Canada’s travel agents with a daily updated sales tool.

> B2C: Help future travellers find in-depth information on packages that they can then share with their travel agents.

Technical specs:

> Simplified update tool 
> Advanced search engines
 > Interactive map so viewers may see all packages at a glance
 > Specials
 > Information request forms 
> Brochures