Promoting flavours
from home

Supporting the promotion of local products: A passion we share with this client! #packaging #retail #marketing #website

Passion d’ici distributes and shares the finest Quebec products, including confections by Bleu Lavande and the Pères trappistes chocolate shop. We have worked closely with Passion d’ici for over five years now to create many branding and sales tools in print and web formats.

For example, for the 2015 Holiday Season, we created a pop-up boutique in the Promenades Saint-Bruno shopping mall, where our space optimization skills were put to the test. The number of products to include was intimidating, but our final results allowed for a fluid flow of visitor traffic and an ideal purchasing experience.

Passion d’ici recently decided to revamp their private line of maple fruit butters (raspberry, pear and apple). The packaging was designed to be distinctive yet simple and elegant. This new branding reflects the promised quality of their delectable butters.