PLATFORM with ideas
that hits their peak!

The communications platform is welcoming, comfortable, almost personalized. We’re expecting you! Few regions are daring enough to use such a simple approach—yet this is still one of the most effective strategies in advertising. #brand #identity #plateform #strategy

Our job was to set up a clear brand positioning for Tourisme Hautes-Laurentides by creating distinctive and long-lasting branding. We set up a global communications platform so that everything joins in a unified message and follows a graphic chart and a similar identity and style.

We got off to a bold start by focusing on the “up” in “Upper Laurentians.” Instead of trying to downplay the distance from urban centres that might reduce visitor traffic, we played it up in the client’s favour. We turned the Upper Laurentians into a destination. The region’s geographical location, many outdoor sports and adventure attractions, culture and gastronomy all offer visitors the opportunity for a true getaway.

Main goal: Make the Upper Laurentians and their interesting selection of attractions known. Bring in a new and varied clientele, like more women and young people.

We also knew we had to emphasize the local people’s enthusiastic welcome, so we also created an evocative slogan—comeonup.com—using a stirring action verb.

Set up in 2014, this communications platform is still working well throughout the region. It has been used broadly and effectively in traditional media, and companies were quick to adopt it. Its many faces can be seen everywhere, from local bus wrap advertising to signage for snowmobilers entering the region!